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Progress partly deleted after having passed a test


First thanks a lot for your amazing website, it really helps my German grammar. I am learning German using English as base language.

I have passed tonight the Travel test. I then went to the next, the Colors test. After a few trials I did pass the Colors test, but the site "froze" at the last three "congratulations" page (the one about lingots), meaning that I could not click on Continue. I used the "Home" link of the top menu to get back, only to see that the site had forgotten that I passed either the Colors or the Travel test. I still seem to have all the Lingots though.

Do you already know about such an issue ?

Thanks in advance !

January 22, 2014



Hey! What kind of internet provider are you using? Satellite? Are you behind a proxy?


Hi ! thanks for your answer. I am linked by cable (via a Box provided by the... provider) to the phone network, and am not using any proxy that I know of. I am using Firefox v. 26 and Windows Seven.

EDIT : oh, actually it already came back. Did an admin do it ? Or could there be a small lapse for database update ? Thanks anyways ;)

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