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A joung couple

A joung woman has recently gotten a baby. She is a successful manager in an assurance company. Therefor her husband is in parental leave and looks after the child. The family also has a cat and a small dog. Yesterday in the morning the woman was in hurry because she is late. She couldn't find the car key and she was asking her husband. But he doesn't know neither. The couple was starting to argue and the baby was crying. Finally the woman was leaving the apartment. Suddenly there was a loud splash in the kitchen. The man with the still crying baby was looking was happened. The cat was jumping at the cabinet and was pushing down the box with the flour. Just when that was happening the door bell was ringing.The man quickly runs to the door to see who is outside. It was a salesman how wants to sell babyfood. In this moment the small dog was running away. It was a total chaos. Thank goodness the neighbor opens her door. She immediately looks after the crying baby while the man is calling the pilice because the seller is a criminal. After that the man was catching the dog and then he vacuum cleaned the kitchen. At the afternoon the woman came back from work. She asked her husband if somthing was happened. The man sayd everything was fine today.

May 16, 2016

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Very good! here are a few correctuons:

joung should have been young

assurance means, to 'assure someone. You should use insurance.

therefor should have therefore

. . .the woman was in a hurry because she is late . . . You are using mix past and present. A correct way to say that it . . . the woman was in a hurry because she was late . . .

. . . to see who is outside . . . this is acceptable but you are using present tense in a past story. A better solution is . . . to see who was outside. . .

. . . salseman how wants to sell babyfood . . . should have been . . .salseman who wants to sell babyfood . . .

. . . while the man is calling the pilice . . . although while the man is calling is correct, it would be a lot better to say while the man was calling or better yet, while the man called. Also pilice should have been police.

. . .after the man was catching . . . This sounds strange to my English ears. A much better way to say that is . . . after the mancaught . . .

. . . if something was happened . . . Very close! but you were using wrong form of past. That should have been . . .if something had happened. . .

In the last sentence, saydshould have been said.


Thank you for your correction. It was very helpful for me. I know, my handicaps are the times.


You're welcome!


I could be wrong, but I think it should be "he doesn't know either" instead of "[...] neither" in line six


A young woman has recently given birth to a baby? A young woman has recently adopted a baby? A young woman has recently got a baby from an adoption society? Where did the word ‘gotten’ ever get from?

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