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  5. "How does it snow?"

"How does it snow?"

Translation:Il neige comment ?

January 26, 2013



in the inverted format, where does the "t" come from in "comment neige-t-il"?


As far as I understand, those "t"s appear when an inversion would make something difficult to say quickly without a pause. Basically, in French, people don't like stopping or taking pauses, so if I ask:

"Does he have an apple?" = "A-t-il une pomme?"

Without the "t" there, the "a-il" would be very clumsy to say quickly.

That example is the easiest to see, but that is what is happening with "neige-il"... it is a bit hard to say it so a "t" gets put in front of the "il" so it is pronounced like "till" which makes it come out more quickly following "neige"


It's more about not having two vowels back-to-back in inversion than specifically pronunciation. Even though it's probably for pronunciation's sake that the rule came about, the rule is that when you've got two vowels back-to-back in inversion, you insert a "t".


I forget the -t- :(


Comment il neige ? and Il neige comment ? Which is more common and why? Can anyone help?

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