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" không phải chó cũng không phải mèo."

Translation:It is neither a dog nor a cat.

May 16, 2016



"It is neither dog nor cat" would work, right? It's a valid sentence in English.


no, because "it is not dog" isn't valid English. you have to have an article (a/the dog)


He did not ask about the phrase "it is not dog". Please read what people are asking about. Also this forum is for speakers of English, so telling people in here that something is not valid English is at best distasteful. By the way, "It is neither dog nor cat" is perfectly valid English. I say this in case there are others in here who are also trying to learn some English.


Yes, I agree. The sentence "It is neither dog nor cat" is perfectly valid in English.


Would a direct translation be "It is not a dog but it is also not a cat," or am I way off?


I am Vietnamese and your answer is correct for me


I cannot see the word ' Mot ' for 'a '. So, why is the correct translation have to be ' a cat nor a dog ' ?


Same here, I answered "It is neither the dog nor the cat" which is considered false. And I don't get why "a dog" would be right since there is no "môt".


Why no classifiers 'con chó' and 'con mèo' here?


It's Harambe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


The use of "neither" and "nor" seems very unnatural when translated to the English language. Why would "It is not a dog or a cat" not work in this sentence?


But it's grammatical English. The usage wouldn't have to match as the minds are different from the two geographies?


The phrase "it is neither dog nor cat" IS grammatical English, perfectly acceptable English.


both neither...nor... and not...or.. should work


It's a new animal:"D-at"


"Neither ---nor" is perfectly natural in English. What strikes me as a little awkward is putting "dog" first. It's not wrong but "cats and dogs" is so habitual that I have to think to reverse the order.


I know what you mean! There are a few sentences on here like this, where it's technically completely correct but just sounds wrobg!


Upvoted for the word "wrobg".


To say it is neither a dog nor a cat is a very awkward translation as some comments show" is it a pig" so how would this sentence be applied. I think in a situation where blame was being vent and i knew neither dog nor cat were at fault" It's neither the dog (n)or the cat. But I am marked wrong.


Any ideas why no classifiers?


No, I refuse to accept this translation. If they aren't going to explain why there is not một con for dog or cat, they can't say this is the translation. The translation should be "It is neither dog nor cat."


It is neither a dog shit nor a cat shit


If you were translating live, it would be translated as, in my terms, "It is not a dog nor a cat." The word "Neither", I believe, shouldn't be there, but that's just what I think.

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