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Ninth Serbian lesson: Animals 1

animal- животиња (f.)

animals- животиње (f.)

bird- птица (f.)

horse- коњ (m.)/кобила (f.)

sheep- овца (f.)/ован (m.)

cat- мачка (f.)/мачак, мачор (m.)

dog- пас (m.)

snail- пуж (m.)

bug, beetle- буба (f.)

pet- кућни љубимац (m.)

Tenth Serbian lesson: Verbs 1

Table of contents: Serbian lessons

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May 16, 2016



Hello Stefan! First of all thanks for creating this course :D Do you have a post with all the lessons? If not could you do it and name it "Table of contents"? It will make people find your course easily. also if you can put a link to the table of contents in every lesson that would be great!

to post links, write this without spaces

[ Stefan ] ( www.duolingo.com/Stefan_Bundalo_1 )

You don't need to shorten the links ;)

to post images, just:

! [ ] ( url )


I will make it, until 22nd of May. I don't understand what you mean by "to use post links write this without spaces

[ Stefan ] ( http://www.duolingo.com/Stefan_Bundalo_1 )

You don't need to shorten the links ;)

to post images just:

! [ ] ( url )"

Can you explain it to me on my stream? Thanks! :)


Sorry I didn't write it very well, i was trying to explain how to put Hiperlinks and images

Click here

[Animals 1] (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15570854)copy this text without the space between the brakets and parenthesis to get this:

Animals 1


Ah, I understand now, thanks! :D

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