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Tenth Serbian lesson: Verbs 1

verbs- глаголи

to be- бити

to sing- певати

to go- ићи

to learn, to teach- учити

to sleep- спавати

to become- постати

to cook- кувати

to make- направити

to start, to beggin- почети, [slang: стартовати]

Every verb in Serbian (in its infinitive form) ends with: -ти, -ћи or -сти. It's very important to know the ending because it makes conjugation much easier.

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May 16, 2016



Sta ce ti lingoti?


Pa, meni ne trebaju lingoti, ali to shvatam kao neki tip motivacije kad su mi stvarno potrebni. Takođe da bih znao koliko ljudi cene moj rad...

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