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I want to make sure I have this right on Dutch grammar. These are just things I've noticed while doing lessons.

-e (lichte, harde, etc) comes before the noun otherwise it's (licht, hard, etc)

(Is) is like the English "is" and (zijn) is like the English "are" so used for plurals

-en is for plurals. (De vrouwen hebben ...)

(De) is used for plurals, never (het) which is for masculine nouns

(Geen) is like "none" in English, (niet) is like "no/not"

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The -e ending before nouns isn't always true but it mostly the case.

'Is' is singular but you can also use 'ligt', 'staat' or 'zit' depending on what the noun is. 'Zijn' is plural and also means 'his'.

-en is not alway the ending for plurals (jongen, jongens) but again is largely the case.

'De' is always used for plurals. 'Het' is always used for diminutives (plural diminutives always use 'de')

'Geen' is none or no (Germany got no points in Eurovision) and 'niet' is not (Germany did not get points in Eurovision).

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AminataV's comment is very helpful btw. From what I've learned you use 'geen' when omitting 'a/an' or 'the'. For example: I have no books/I don't have the books-Ik heb geen boeken.

And the conjugation for 'to be' is as follows:

Zijn- to be

Ik ben- I am

Jij/je bent- you are

U bent- you are

Het/hij/zij is- it is

Wij zijn- we are

Jullie zijn- y'all are

Zij* zijn- they are

*het is sometimes used here, but don't worry it's not important

Also does anyone know how to make a bullet point? I'm tired of putting spaces between lines

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Almost correct. Please strike "jou bent". That is just wrong.

  • Asterisk + space gives a bullet point. Put an empty line in front.
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