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"Non abbiamo Internet stasera."

Translation:We do not have internet this evening.

January 22, 2014



Hope you have streak freeze!


It looks like there are inconsistencies in translation of "internet". I some cases it is translated as "the Internet", in others as "internet" without an article.


Since the Italians never use the article before "Internet" we should not be marked wrong for putting one in, if there could be one in English.


agree totally. If the Italians choose not to even go for 't before or go all whole Yorkshire hog with no article at all I don't understand why the English translation should be declared wrong.


That mostly reflects the English usage. I would say, "I'm going on the Internet tonight", or "The internet isn't working for me" but "There appears to be no internet this evening". No, it doesn't seem to be that regular.

The reason that it does not have a definite article in the Italian is that in Italian it is a Proper Noun like a name. And such do not always require the definite article. http://italian.about.com/od/grammar/a/article-with-italian-proper-nouns.htm


I agree with you completely, and, obviously, would not say "We have no the internet tonight" :-). However, if we want to be really technical when we speak about the Internet, we should say "We do not have connection to the Internet tonight" or "We cannot access the Internet tonight". Thus, I thought at the time I've written the answer and the comment that "We do not have the Internet this evening" should have been accepted.


their are inconsistencies in usage in English as well....it is a relatively new word and its usage is still evolving


It is not inconsistent with the word, rather it is just the nature of articles in English (and other languages as well). We do this all the time, for example: "The apples are fresh." "We have no fresh apples." "I want the fresh apples," which has a slightly different meaning to "I want fresh apples."


We have no internet this evening - maked wrong! Why???


Agree . we say in everyday english. "No internet now or yesterday or whenever" . we use as noun so say "the internet" when want to talk about 'the whole internet'


Should be accepted. Report it.


Why, indeed?? Non capisco...


Because the Italian has a negative verb (Do not have) - so Duolingo does not like the verb translated without 'not'.


Agree with all that say the internet should be accepted


It appears from these examples that Italians use "Internet" to mean "Internet access" or "Internet connectivity". I have never heard any English speaker use the word "Internet" like that. If we use "Internet", it is always with "the", i.e. "the Internet". I think "Internet connectivity/access" is what you're looking for here.


No, I think it is just an error. There is no 'accesso' or 'connettività' in the sentence. Literally translated, the Italian version is 'Not we have Internet tonight/this evening.' Constructed properly in English: We do not have the internet tonight - or - we have no internet tonight. [The article is in the Italian sentence, just not immediately before 'internet.']


you do not need the article in English in this sentence....this is a new word and its usage is still fluid.


Adding "THE" is WRONG? Ridiculous!


my "don't" was marked red


I have seen this in other exercises and reported it. I think it will take "haven't got", though!!!!!


I wrote '... the internet...' and it was rejected. I can read enough to know there was no article in the Italian version but the English version needs it. Reported it on 29 Dec 2014


It's still not fixed at the end of February 2015.


September 2015: 'The internet' still not accepted.


I used "the" and was docked a heart on 8/1/16. Fear not, I shall report it!


I wrote "We don't have the Internet tonight", not accepted! Even if there are passed only six day from your report, I will report it too! Cheers, Lu


no duolongo for you!


Oh hell no! ;-;


Che cosa orribile!


What are the odds that this is the first question I receive on the day my internet is out?! xD


this translation sounds like a pantomime foreigner!


Now I've learnt that Internet in Italian is Internet. Thanks duolingo, very cool!

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