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  5. "Đàn ông nói ít hơn phụ nữ."

"Đàn ông nói ít hơn phụ nữ."

Translation:Men speak less than women.

May 17, 2016



Not according to statistics...


So người isn't needed before đàn ông and phụ nữ?


người đàn ông = the man, đàn ông = men, same for người phụ nữ and phụ nữ.


Many peer-reviewed studies have disproven this; its actually the opposite!


talk or speak is the same?


nói = say, speak, talk.. basically words coming out of your mouth


I used say and was marked wrong :(


The verb 'say' cannot be used in a general way: one cannot just 'say', there must be something that is being said.


There is nothing in the sentence for me that indicated it was men instead of just the word man. so it was difficult for me to translate I didn't understand it


but man is also accepted.


what is wrong with the man speaks less than the woman?


you should then say "người đàn ông nói ít hơn người phụ nữ." this sentence can be both specific and generic. however, the sentence "đàn ông nói ít hơn phụ nữ" can only be generic. you translate as either "men speak less than women" or "a man speaks less than a woman."


As always, you explain things so clearly for myself and my fellow native English speakers. Are you a native VN or English speaker? Either way, thank you!


I'm glad to be of any help. I'm particularly happy to see people taking interest in learning VNmese. that's what motivates me doing all of this.

ps. I'm officially a VNmese native speaker, but I consider myself an unofficial French native speaker as I arrived in Canada as a baby and grew up in the French speaking province of Quebec. being asked if I could be an English native speaker is a great honour, thank you. but I'm still lacking in many ways, unfortunately.


Cảm ơn for your brief background, Huyền. Your attitude and approach are appreciated. Pete T ̣(Aus)

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