"The policeman standing in the street is drinking water."

Translation:Policjant stojący na ulicy pije wodę.

May 17, 2016

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"Поліціянт, стоячи на вулиці, п'є воду" - in Ukrainian it sounds almost the same!


What is the distinction between na ulicę and na ulicy ?


First is Accusative, the other is Locative (or Genitive or Dative, but with such a word, Locative is obviously more likely to be used).

Wychodzę na ulicę -- I go to the street (I'm at home and I'm going outside to the street just outside my home) Idę na ulicę X -- I'm going to the X street

Czekam na ciebie na ulicy -- I'm waiting for you in the street Policjant stoi na ulicy -- The policeman is standing in the street

First example doesn't mean that "na ulicę" or any of its forms is a general term for "outside" like in Russian, it's not.


Stojący na ulicy policjant pije wodę.??


Makes sense, added.

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