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"Esas casas no tienen desagüe."

Translation:Those houses do not have a drain.

January 26, 2013



I am really looking forward to being able to talk about drains when I am next in a Spanish-speaking country.


Yeah "desagüe" is ranked only 16643 in the top 50,000 most frequent words used in Spanish subtitles. We are learning 1735 Spanish words in the skill tree.


You'll be a little more thankful if you ever manage to steer clear from staying at a house with no water outlet because of what you learned here :)


Why is it not "...un desagüe?"


I noticed that negations are often made without articles in Spanish. This way, no number is emphasized: these houses may have had "a drain" (one drain) or separate drains for every house, but the fact is that they just don't have any drains. This is my understanding.


Either "desagüe" really is pronounced "desaguoy", or the speaker does a horrible job on it :D


Since "gue" or "gui" usually make the noise "ghe" or "ghee" (similar to que and qui), the ü means that the u sound is explicitly pronounced. e.g. "pingüino", penguin, pronounced "pin-gween-o." Hence "desagüe" is similarly pronunced "des-a-gway".


desagüe [des-ah’-goo-ay] according to spanishdict.com. I kind of hear(probably wrongly) "sog" and thats how I remember it as getting soggy in a drain and it has the rare "ü"

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