"He is eating chicken or fish."

Translation:Hij eet kip of vis.

2 years ago



I am always getting confused with eet and eten. Guess I just need to practice more

1 year ago


I thought it was hij eten kip of vis. Why is it eet?

2 years ago

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Dutch verbs are conjugated based on person and number. The conjugation for 'to eat'' is as follows

  • ik eet
  • jij/je eet
  • u eet
  • hij/zij/het eet
  • wij eten
  • jullie eten
  • zij eten
2 years ago


Is anyone having the same issue as me? When i complete a section of 15 to 20 lessons, it tells me that i have completed the "basic" section and asks me to repeat the same section again!! At this rate i will never be able to complete the entire course. Doulingo support is useless. I even pay for this service. ny help would be appreciated.

3 months ago


I would say the english translation would be " He eats chicken or fish"

3 months ago
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