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"Han spiser tre gange om dagen."

Translation:He eats three times a day.

May 17, 2016



Can someone explain me why om dag and på et år? Thank you.

[deactivated user]

    You could also say 'om året' and 'på en dag'.

    • X gange om dagen = X times a day

    • X gange om året = X times a year

    • X gange på en dag = X times in a day

    • X gange på et år = X times in a year


    Thank you so much Viktor for your help and congratulations to all regarding the great job on Duolingo EN-DK!


    I wrote 'He eats thrice daily' and was marked wrong.


    Only? I eat like a Hobbit.. Oh! Time for Elevenses! My favorite!


    I wrote, "He is eating three times throughout the day" and marked wrong

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