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  5. "Pwy sy'n hoffi hufen?"

"Pwy sy'n hoffi hufen?"

Translation:Who likes cream?

May 17, 2016



What does the "sy'n" part of this sentence mean? I've seen it in Welsh sentences around my workplace, but don't really know what it is.


It is a relative form of 'mae'. You may also see it in its more formal form of sydd

  • Mae e'n hoffi hufen iâ - He likes ice-cream
  • Pwy sy'n hoffi hufen iâ? - Who (is it that) likes ice-cream?

  • Mae e'n mynd allan heno

  • Pwy sy'n mynd allan heno? - Who (is it that) is going out tonight?

  • Dyna'r dyn sy'n gyrru drwy'r pentre'n rhy gyflym - there is the man who drives through the village too fast

  • Hi sy'n casáu afalu - She (it is who) hates apples


And in the phrase "Dewi Lingo sy'n siarad", does it mean "Dewi Lingo is (the one that is) speaking?


Yes, that's right - and the word order is emphasising Dewi Lingo


Can I ask my dog "Pwy sy'n ferch dda?!"


"Annibyniaeth sydd yn galw am ei dewraf dyn"


In questions where the question word or phrase is the subject, "sy(dd)" is obligatorily used (see King 2003, p. 100-101). That's the case here.

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