some helpful tips for learning English !

salam! my name is Aalyah. I am 14. I learn English in my school but I want to know more from here . you know that the Arabian schools didn't take care of the English language so much . so you have to learn from websites , teachers and english schools .generally i have some tips for learning a new language so lets begin !!

1- first , try to understand every word that you take , translate them or use a dictionary , so you may learn them fast and easily

2 - second , talk in english , talk with your friends or with your family in English

3- third , watch movies and tv shows or videos in English , try to understand the words that it is in the video !

4- notes! notes! and notes! .. write all the things that you learn them in notes . stick the notes in front of you like in the mirror or the door .. so anytime you see the notes you will read it

also read some books , novels and some articles

did you like it ?

peace! with you .. salaaaaaamm

May 17, 2016

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Useful tips thank you

May 21, 2016

......hhhhhhh Have you read it before or no ?????

May 21, 2016

Thank you very much for this tips and I think you can make a small pieces of paper and write some words in it then put it in can and everyday take one and revise the words in the paper....

May 19, 2016

yes that is a cool idea

May 20, 2016


May 17, 2016

thanks how are you

May 17, 2016

welcome .I fine What about you ?

May 20, 2016

i'm fine thank you

May 21, 2016


May 18, 2016


May 20, 2016

hi i hope learning english :(

May 19, 2016

May the tipe help you sis mona

May 20, 2016

thanks my lady

May 19, 2016

welcome brother

May 20, 2016

usefull tips thnx sis :*

May 22, 2016

yes i need to speake english but iam very shy

May 25, 2016

there is no reason o be shy dear nesma if you don't have close friends to speak english with . add other peopl from other countries and speak english . day by day you will be good that's how i learned it.. just keep training ^^

May 28, 2016

there is no arabian schools either arabic schools where you learn the arabic language or arab schools where arab people study, and thanks for your tips btw

May 27, 2016

hi you can help me , you can make class

June 9, 2016
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