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  5. "Niskie krzesło"

"Niskie krzesło"

Translation:A low chair

May 17, 2016



Doesn't 'niski' also mean small?


Not really, unless you want to call a short man "a small man". It basically denotes height, so either low or short depending on the context.


Ok, thank you!


Why doesn't "Short chair" work?


The question is - what is short chair?, is it the same as low chair?.

(Google tries to correct me to "hair", and the image results are rather inconsistent).


Unlike most things, a chair's height, at least where I am from, usually refers to the seating position, not the top of the backrest. Of course, this is probably mostly a contextual thing. At some restaurants, bar stools and certain chairs are much taller than other chairs in the same restaurant. I used to struggle to get in the tall ones when I was a little kid. We discussed tall and short chairs a few times because of this.

Funny, I completely forgot about this until you commented.


That is definetely "niskie krzesło".


No one has a short chair...this should be small in this context. It should be małe kresło if it is to mean small chair


What if the 'sitting surface' is normal-sized or even, let's say, bigger - but it is placed 30 cms from the ground? In Polish it would sure be "niskie" and not "małe".


It is the same in English


Tell me ... do Polish kids find spelling hard?


Mostly orthography, so whether something should be written with "ż" or "rz", "h" or "ch", "u" or "ó"... also, some people tend to write "om" instead of "ą"... Generally I think the spelling problems of native speakers are probably different than those of learners.


And what is a tiny chair in polish?

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