"Do you see the white wolf?"

Translation:Widzisz białego wilka?

May 17, 2016

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Nie widzę Geralta


If someone is wondering, "widzisz" sounds improperly here [widziż].


It's easier to pronounce 'widziż' than 'widzisz', so we often say it like this and it's still correct. It's just Polish speakers being practical.


The prescriptive standard of modern Polish, the so-called Varsovian Pronunciation (wymowa warszawska) dictates that all word-final consonants must be devoiced in all cases. So, the last sound in words ending in -sz as well as -ż will be pronounced the same: [sz].

There is, however, another official sub-standard, the so-called Cracovian-Posnanian pronunciation (wymowa krakowsko-poznańska), which dictates that unvoiced word-final consonants become voiced, when the following word starts with a voiced consonant. So, according to the sub-standard, the [sz] in widzisz białego konia is voiced to become a [ż], but only because the next word (białego) starts with the voiced consonant [b]. Hence, even when applying this standard, pronouncing [widziż] by itself is incorrect, it's only possible to do so under the aforementioned circumstances.

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