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"La reine voulait que tu aies informé le roi."

January 26, 2013



"The queen wanted that you have informed the king" - the sentence you give is not grammatically correct English. The answer i gave: "the queen wished that you had informed the king" is correct English and (I believe) is a correct translation of the given sentence. You marked me wrong.


"...had informed" is actually the past perfect, but the tense of this sentence is the (subjunctive) present perfect.

Really these subjunctive sentences just don't translate well into English, but saying "had informed" is -technically- less correct than the suggested sentence.


Thanks for taking the time to respond. It was really helpful for me, and I will go and revise use of past subjunctive before submitting myself once more to the test! All this does raise the issue of the kind of tranlslation we are expected to give--a strictly literal one? One that is appropriate/correct/acceptable in the target language? (in this case English). But many thanks--it's good to know that there are people out there prepared to read and comment on remarks about the test questions-and-answers; they can sometimes be a bit frustrating!

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