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More pronunciation playback for verbs

There should be more emphasis on the conjugation of verbs, esp when viewing the conjugation tables in the drop down menu. It would be helpful to have an option to hear all conjugated forms and examples of their sounds. I'm having a hard time differentiating verbs via listening because I am not sure of their different forms & sounds.

June 10, 2012



I'd also like to have some written rules about conjugation, like what to do with singular, plural, third person and the like, ot have it more clear in the beginning


For many verbs, the je (I), tu (you - familiar), il/elle (he/she), and ils/elles (they) conjugations are pronounced exactly the same, even though they're spelled differently. The nous (we) form will always end -ons (pronounced like those "grey poupon" commercials) and the vous (you - plural or formal) form will end -ez (rhymes with "day"). Hope this helps!

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