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Duolingo-summer work assignment

I am planning to assign Duolingo for summer work between levels. (I-II, II-II, III- IV) . I'd love some ideas on how to assign it. Generally , I ask them to get through a certain activity (Household, Numbers,etc). Also, how long do activities stay gold? If I say level I has to get through Numbers, and they do, but then the trees weaken, should it still count? How does one keep the trees gold, by strengthening or by redoing the section, lesson, by lesson?

May 17, 2016



You keep the tree gold by strengthening that individual skill. Using the "strengthen skills" button works, as well. The idea behind the way Duolingo's skills weaken gradually is that it represents how quickly we forget things. It's wisest while learning to keep the tree gold, so I would set your students summer homework to make sure the tree is still gold by the end of the holiday. I'm not sure it's possible to set that as an assignment through Duolingo, though.


I am also wondering how to best do this. I have been assigning skills like you....but during the summer I want them to log a certain amount of hours preferably and to strengthen skills...I am also wondering how to manage it. I might make quizzes (paper form) based on certain skills up to the level where they are based on the content in Duolingo and quiz them on it right when they get back. For next year, I want to change things up from this year and quiz them once a week on a skill but have it based off of the duolingo content... I will be searching for if someone has already made these. Too often, I have kids testing out when they should be doing the skills unassisted. Additionally, the notes and grammar features are fantastic, but very few of my students actually take the time to read through them and I would like them to.

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