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"The bamboo tree and the firefly"

Translation:Cây tre và con đom đóm

May 17, 2016



Why are there 2 correct solutions? "Cây tre và con đom đóm" and "Cây tre và đom đóm"? Why can we omit the classifier for the second word?


I tried to be consistent with what is written in Tips note. It's still correct without classifier but since there is this article "the" for "firefly", its classifier is needed.


Can you help, I cannot find a way to access any notes or tips. The links offered just take me to the lesons. Nothing there opens to tips/notes. Nor is there any help link. I will leave this post open and return to it tomorrow.


How do we know when to use the classifier "con" and when not to? I'm confused as to why both are correct here, and not just "Cây tre và con đom đóm."


I asked my mom ̣(born in Vietnam), who said that in general it's best to use the classifier. There are a lot of rules about when one is allowed to omit it, but it's a safe bet to just use it.


Why wasn't "cái cây tre và con đom đóm" accepted (it points out that 'cái' is wrong)? Where is the classifier if I can't use cái?


As a native vietnamese i would never say cái cây tre. We only use cây tre. Cây literally means tree and tre means bamboo -> bamboo tree. Một cây tre= a bamboo tree


Thank you for advice. So "cây" is classifier for tree, isn't it?


No. The proper classifier is 'cái', but you almost never see it (maybe if you used a number where the rule is number + classifier + noun).


There is an exercise later in the course that uses 'cái cây tre', in Miscellaneous.


But bamboo is a grass ;)


Is cây măng different from cây tre?


It seems that cây tre is a general word for any kind of bamboo, and cây măng is used only for young bamboo shoots.


Xin chào tôi là người việt


More inconsistency as to requiring a classifier or not. PLEASE BE CONSISTENT OR GET RID OF THE RULE OF THUMB that the course uses!


Still push the sound .nothing..i want to listen


This is very confusing!


I thought fìrely should be con thiêu thân not con đom đóm. Con đom đóm should be a lightning bug

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