Newbie Here

Just started learning Esperanto. Anyone have any advice or something of the sort?

May 17, 2016


Welcome, come on in the language is lovely, the people aren't bad either.

Everyone else has given good advice I won't repeat it. If you are using the app then you won't get much in the way of grammer tips etc but even so you can puzzle out most things. The key is just do lots of it, don't worry about making mistakes, do all the lessons then do them again. The computor does not judge so there is no problem with doing it again and again untill it clicks then sticks.

The internet has lots of lovely bits and pieces that add to the picture and help you with this facinating language. The 16 rules of esperanto is very short and very useful. Try looking for the pdf of teach yourself esperanto and flip through the lessons.

Also i think it is good to get to hear the natural rhythms of the language which you can't do on duolingo so listening to radio verda podcasts or watching short films in esperanto is a big help If you are old enough not to be put off by mild bad language then try evildea's youtube podcasts. A bit zany and he speaks very rapidly but his latest ones have english subtitles and you will be surprised how as you go through the course and keep watching ( i try for one a day) suddenly you will find yourself laughing at something he just said because a switch has clicked in your brain and now you understand 80% of what he is saying. - honest it happens much sooner than you would think.

Okay! Thanks for your words! I can't wait to see how far I'll go. ^ ^

Like Vanege said, you should try out the Telegram chat once you feel confident enough.

Telegram chat? What's that?

It's a big Esperanto chat group. You need to install Telegram but here's the link :

I joined this Telegram the other day when I came across your message, it was hard but I talked in EO a tiny bit, probably made lots of mistakes but they seemed to understand and it was fun

Hi. I'm a newbie too! Been learning for 10 days now and have got to Level 7! Mi amas Esperanton!!! Mi helpas vin kaj vi helpas min!

Nur dek tagoj kaj vi regas la akuzativon :) Brave!

Me too, funnily enough toady is also my 10th day and I too am level 7!

Awesome! We're growing together then! XD ...Still can't read that though. ^ ^; One day maybe. :)

Always read the Tips and Vocab section. You can be lost without it. :/

XD Oops. I guess I should have been doing that.

Anki. ESPDIC. Reta Vortaro. Telegram. PMEG. Esperanta Retradio.

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