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"Con mèo của tôi rất xấu tính."

Translation:My cat is very mean.

May 17, 2016



Bạn không hiểu tính cách của con mèo của bạn


Could it also mean "evil"?


No. We use xấu xa or độc ác for "evil".


I like this word, if the definition is correct. Xấu roughly means bad, and tính means calculate/calculated (like máy tính. So xấu tính basically means a calculated bad. Is that right? That's really clever.


It's even easier than that, the other meaning of tính is: disposition (of people); nature; character; temperament. And that's how „xấu tính“, „nóng tính“ (hot-tempered) and some other words are formed.


Clever isn't really the right word, I just mean it's an interesting etymology and an interesting way for a native English speaker to think of the term "mean" and what it (pardon the pun) means

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