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Polish For English Speakers

I know that the English for Polish speakers course just moved up to beta in the incubator, but are there any plans for a Polish for English speakers course to be made? If not, would anyone recommend learning Polish by doing the Polish for English speakers course when it is fully released? I know that a lot of people like to complete a tree and then complete the tree backwards (doing say Spanish for English then English for Spanish).

January 23, 2014



They are going to reverse the trees for all the new language courses created, so there definitely will be Polish for English speakers. :)


This question has been debated many times. Overall, the main problem is that Polish is fairly complicated and with no previous knowledge, you will be completely lost. Most people that do the reverse trees wait to be at least halfway through the initial tree, to at least grasp the basic concepts of the language.

The more complicated the language (regarding its grammar), the more complicated the reverse tree.

But you can still try if you want to.


I'd really like to advance my Polish knowledge and have been looking forward to the addition of a Polish course quite eagerly :)

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