"I am close to your house."

Translation:Jestem blisko waszego domu.

May 17, 2016

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Why is "jestem blisko twojego domu" not accepted here? You could be either twoj or wasz, or am I wrong?


You are perfectly right, but this answer is not only accepted, it's one of the 'best answers'.

So either you made some typo you didn't notice, or there was some bug.


Jestem obok twojego domu?


Hmmmm. On the one hand yes, on the other hand, no. But I vote 'no'. "Obok" is like literally next to, just outside your house, 'blisko' can be 10 metres, 100 metres, 5 kilometres, depending on what we compare it to: if I live on the other end of the country, calling someone and saying "Hej, jestem blisko waszego domu" when I am 5 kilometres away from their house, in the city center, makes perfect sense. In such context, you are close enough to want to make a visit, but faaaar from being "obok".


Is it wrong to include 'na' here? 'Jestem blisko na twojego domu'


It does not make any grammatical sense.


Can't koło be used instead of blisko? when can you use koło?


It's something between "near" and "close to"... eh, those words are so subjective. I think it sounds natural here. Added.


Can blisko be used to say you're having a close bond with a person?


You can say something like "Jestem z nim blisko". So the answer is "yes".

Alternatively you can use an appropriate form of the adjective "bliski", for example "On jest me bardzo bliski" (He's very close to me).

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