"Pracuję w fabryce."

Translation:I work in a factory.

May 17, 2016

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Fabryka in Polish and fábrica in Spanish.


Tak samo jest po portugalsku


Just so i'm clear - this implies a desk job or paperwork, not manual labor, right? Most factory work would be "robotę"?


No, manual labour is actually at least 'quite probable' (because it's a factory and I imagine that most people working there work manually). I see you learned some Russian, where работать is a basic verb. The noun "robota" in Polish works mostly as a colloquialism for any work, and place of work, then you have something like "roboty budowlane" (construction works) but it has to be plural then. And also in contexts like: Get to work! Weź się do roboty! I don't think there's any verb created from it, not even a colloquial one. "Robotnik" is indeed a standard word for a guy working with his hands.


Why I am working ...is wrong


It's not, it's among the accepted answers.


The animation is cool

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