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How do you practice?

I usually try to speak it as much as possible. However, I'm in the American South, so it makes me look decidedly insane and I can't practice with anybody.

I also found this Quizlet set: https://quizlet.com/124156338/welsh-from-duolingo-flash-cards/ I don't know whose set that is, but it's good, save for a few incomplete terms.

I'm interested to see how other people practice spoken Welsh.

May 17, 2016



I'm not taking Welsh so I don't know how many Welsh speakers are on it but you could try this: www.gospeaky.com/?origin=68231 Oh and I understand your struggle of finding a practice buddy. I live in the south and there's no one learning Polish, Ukrainian, or Dutch. The only language I could probably use is Czech in Waco, or West TX


I'd be interested to know too. There aren't too many people outside Wales (and Patagonia ;-)) who even know the language exists, let alone speak it. Still, I live in England, only a couple of hours from Cardiff, so if all else fails I can travel. It's probably a teensy bit harder in the US...


"Where's Waleland?"

"Is that German?"

"Shouldn't you be studying for finals?"

To be fair, the last one is reasonable. But I've been asking all of my friends to learn Welsh with me :( and nobody has decided to do so :(


You mean Whales, England?

Do you mind my asking, what drew you to learn Welsh?


No, somebody asked me that. People amaze me sometimes...

Funny story: I'm taking German 2 at my high school, and I was using Duolingo one morning to practice. I saw my German teacher walk into the library, and I was a little worried that he wouldn't be too excited about me using unapproved materials. So I went to the "add a new course" page and scrolled down to the most random language I could think of.

I decided to stick with Welsh partly to learn a new way of thinking, but mostly for the April Fool's possibilities.


Cymdeithas Madog is a well-known Welsh society in the US - they may well have local get-togethers. They certainly run a summer school every year, as far as I know. And BYU and Hawaii U both teach Welsh.

Many of the regional Cymraeg i Oedolion (Welsh for Adults) centres run day schools, weekend schools and summer schools that are open to all. They also do lessons over Skype etc, if you get in touch with them.

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