"Jeg velger å meg et måltid."

Translation:I choose to get myself a meal.

May 17, 2016



This is such a weird way of saying that..

July 5, 2016


It's grammatically correct in English but I don't think I've ever heard anyone use this sentence in my life. Is this more common in Norwegian?

June 9, 2017


I can't hear maltid without thinking of "Malt O Meal" oatmeal that you sometimes see in grocery stores in the U.S.. Meal meal

January 22, 2017


I can't hear maltid without thinking of "Mahlzeit" which is "meal" in german, they sound very similar, especially with tid meaning "time" and the german word "Zeit" also meaning "tid"

January 12, 2019


In some northern german dialects, it's even "mahltied", which sometimes is pronouced very closely to "måltid"

April 23, 2019


Oh yeah, Malt-o-Meal and "malted milk," a powdered pseudo-chocolate-flavored vitamin supplement my mother used to mix into my milk at breakfast. On the plus side, remembering that flavor kills any feeling of hunger thinking about food.

May 7, 2019


In english one would say I decided or I feel like...one wouldnt use "to chose" unless within a game with preset/given options sets

November 23, 2017


"I don't have to listen to you! I am the master of my own fate. I choose to get myself a meal!"

August 8, 2018


I'm Norwegian and have never heard anyone say this! Something I'd say instead is: "Jeg skal lage litt mat for meg selv" ("I'll make myself some food")

April 9, 2019


'I choose to have a meal.' accepted.

May 17, 2016


It shouldn't be accepted because the phrase was structured to emphasize "myself". "Get myself a meal" and "have a meal" have different meanings.

June 6, 2016


A wise choice.

June 11, 2017


who would say something like this in english?

March 19, 2019


The same person who would say something like this in Norwegian!

March 19, 2019


So... Does this mean I get food delivered to my place or buy it from a food truck?

April 23, 2019


I am quite tired of these nonsensical sentences that nobody has ever said before and have zero application in real life. I understand that it's meant just to learn the words and the grammar, but this can and should be done be getting familiar with sentences and structures of common use.

May 1, 2019


I put down "I choose to get a meal myself" and do not understand why this would not be the same thing? Could someone explain the difference considering direct translations are never direct. This is a natural thing to say where I come from and means the same thing.

June 14, 2019


"I choose to get myself a meal" = I choose to get a meal for me. The emphasis is on the fact that the meal is for me rather than for someone else.

"I choose to get a meal myself" = I choose to get meal myself rather than someone else to get it for me. The emphasis is on the fact that I am the person getting the meal.

It's a fairly subtle difference, but a difference, nonetheless.

June 22, 2019


To me "I get a meal myself" sounds more like you are upset with someone. Like, you asked them to bring you something and they forgot or refused and you say "Fine, I get a meal myself then".

But I'm not a native english speaker, so my interpretation might be off.

June 14, 2019
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