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  5. "Yes, I want to pay."

"Yes, I want to pay."

Translation:Ydw, dw i eisiau talu.

May 18, 2016



How do you know which yes to use?

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Up until this unit we have introduced 'Ydw' and Nac ydw'

In Welsh we affirm or negate the question, so 'Ydw' = Yes I am/Yes I do and 'Nac ydw' = No I am not, No I do not.

This is why we have different ways of responding positively or negatively.

This unit introduces 'Cei' = 'Yes, you may' in response to the very common and useful expression in Welsh 'Ga i' = May I have

Therefore the positive and negative response always depends on the question being asked.

The various forms are introduced as the course progresses.

But for a learner who is using the language it's quite easy to use 'iawn' (OK) as a positive reponse and 'Na' as a negative one.

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