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"Cái giúp bạn phân biệt hai chiếc đèn pin đó?"

Translation:What helps you to distinguish between those two flashlights?

May 18, 2016



Hmm... biệt sounds like "bin". Spoken Vietnamese is so hard to understand :(


In this case I agree that biệt was not spoken properly. It sounds like biện.


I second that. This guy (voice talent) has this terrible habit when extending his breath at the end of certain words. There are a lot of sentences recorded like this and too bad, I could not get them to do a re-record without additional cost.


i second that. this guys voice recording is so hard to understand that i'm considering quitting duolingo. I wish they could fix that soon.


Sadly it's not likely Duolingo will allow another recording session anytime soon.


Sorry if this is a bad question, but I'm curious--what's the particular reason that Team Vietnamese members can't record some of the sentences? Is it a Duolingo rule, a matter of recording quality, a matter of being too strapped for time? Is it considered bad form to use multiple voices?


ya, i heard. its really too bad. i cant see why it would be difficult though. Their must be someone who would voluntar to do it.


the "c" at the end of chiếc isn't very clear either


The structure of the word chiếc is ch - iếc. Technically, iế (not used much) would sound very close to iếc.


it actually sounds like "biện". Native speakers do sound like that when we say it really fast.


The first time, I typed, "What helps you (to) distinguish those two flashlights?" Would that be translated differently? I looked, but I can't find anything that specifically implies the "between."


I don't think there's a Vietnamese distinction, but in english grammar the word "distinguish" needs to have "between" since it's referring specifically to two objects.


Since there was no "between" in the clues, I decided it must be a case in which there were five people walking and two of them had slightly different flashlights, or there were a number of flashlights in a drawer, almost the same, but not quite. The question would mean, "How can you tell those two apart from the others?" in which case, "between" wouldn't be either necessary or correct. It could also be a case of responding to someone who'd looked at a bunch of identical ones and said, "These two are mine!"


having multiple voices would be a good thing! We get used to the same person lesson after lesson. And how about some women's voices?


If there's no context, you need to accept "the" additional to "those". Otherwhise do you mind to explain me how you distinguish between those two? :p

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