"Mark all correct translations" should be a little more realistic and tricky

Hello, i want to express my thoughts regarding difficulty of "Mark all correct translations" task type in swedish course. I think that the choice sentences are being composed very poorly and allow to easily "half-ass" the task without even reading and understanding what is being said in sentences. Let me give you 4 examples, first two will be bad and last two will be good.

-----Bad ones: (taken from tasks - completely untouched)

1) A week is not a month.
1. En vecka dricker inte en månad. 2.En vecka är inte en månad. 3. En vecka äpple inte en månad.

2)We read awhile.
1. Vi läste en oktober. 2. Vi barn ett tag. 3. Vi läser en stund.

-----Good ones: (few words are edited by me)

3) Are you coming or not?
1. Kommer du eller inte? 2. Du kommer eller inte? 3. Kommer ni eller inte?

4) Does he sing on Tuesdays?
1. Sjunger han på tisdagar? 2. Sjunger han i tisdagar? 3. Sjunger hon på tisdagar?

Now, let's analyze it a little.

Take a look at bad examples. You can clearly see, how certain words are placed completely out of context, and have absolutely nothing to do with the task question, and that is very obvious. When people see such words, it makes them immediately dismiss this answer and move on to another one, which pretty much doesn't take any effort and thought behind it.

1) It's very clear that words "dricker" and "äpple" are not present in the original question, so it's just a matter of one second to pick the correct answer without paying any attention to grammar and word spelling whatsoever

2) "läste" - this word wasn't even introduced anywhere in the course before, so it doesn't make any sense to pick it. "barn" is completely out of context, which makes you immediately drop this option. There, we got our correct answers without even trying to translate anything or pay attention to how sentences are written.

Let's move on to good examples, which i modified a little:

3) Person will have to pay attention, because words are same, yet placed in different order, also there is a different acceptable version of the word. Alltogether it makes student to pay a lot more attention and process grammar better

4) same situation, a one word change ruins the grammar in one sentence, and in another sentence one word has different meaning. That makes student to think again, and proceed with care.

tl;dr version: Please stop generating senseless sentences, it ruins the purpose of the task and provides instant answers without any thinking behind.

May 18, 2016


We all agree. However, the incorrect sentences are generated automatically, not created by humans. And the course content creators have absolutely no say in how this is made. You'll want to direct the feedback at the Duolingo developers, who most likely do not read the Swedish forums.

May 18, 2016

Which forums do they read?

May 18, 2016

Perhaps the General forums, I think they are called "Duolingo for English". It is indeed quite strange that they are automatically generated - I can't see it working very well for any language

May 20, 2016

I have no idea, sorry. I only read the Swedish forums, myself.

May 18, 2016
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