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"Jeg har kun et fotografi af min bedstefar."

Translation:I only have one photograph of my grandfather.

May 18, 2016



Is there any difference between photo/fotografi and billede?

[deactivated user]

    -foto/fotografi = photograph

    • billede = image/picture

    A 'foto(grafi)' has to be taken with a camera while a 'billede' can be several different things.


    What would "I have only one photography of my grandfather" mean?


    I just have one=I only have one and should be accepted.


    Here the lady says this so that you can hear har, but the man says this sentence so fast in the example that you barely hear har. The same sentence spoken on google translate is much easier to hear. I know we have the slower version to listen to thank God, but it would be nice if they would slow down just a tad when we are listening to dictation.

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