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The search function under the discussion tab doesn't work?

It seems to not be working for me. The top post at the moment is one by Luis starting with "Learning". In the old version, as soon as I typed "L" into the search box, results would come up. Now, nothing happens. If I type in "Learning", "Duolingo", "Luis", or just a letter, I get 0 results.

Just thought I'd flag it in case you were unaware.

January 23, 2014



Did you try turning it off and on again? :)

Kidding, of course. You have to press enter after you type. Then, to go back to the other posts, you have to hit the X button to clear the box. Hope this helps. :)


I even giggled the cord and blew on the cartridge.

Enter doesn't change anything. Still 0 results.

Edit: "giggled" the cord? Really?


Hmm. When I search, I have to type words in the search field and press Enter. It doesn't search instantly anymore. There is a delay where it says "0 Results" for a split second. You might be getting hung up on that for some reason. Maybe log out then in, restart your browser. I'm not saying it'll work, but it might do something. You might even try clearing the cache and cookies and then log back in.

If nothing works, submit a report and post a topic in Troubleshooting to see if you get a response.


I already shifted it over to troubleshooting (my bad). Since the original post my computer has been turned on and off. Chrome is up to date:
Version 32.0.1700.76 m

If necessary, I can provide a screenshot when I'm not at work.


This should be fixed soon, thanks for the report!

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