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"The child wants to buy a fast computer."

Translation:Đứa trẻ muốn mua một cái máy tính nhanh.

May 18, 2016



So "máy vi tính" also means computer?


What do you mean "also"? What else do you know it for?

vi = micro
tính = calculating

So overall, anything with a microprocessor is a vi tính.


Thus far, the course has taught that "máy tính" means "computer". I was just checking in that "máy vi tính" also does, as it was listed as an alternative in a multiple choice version of this question. Thanks for the breakdown of "vi" and "tính"! Is "máy" a classifier in this case?


Hmm, máy tính is often used for a calculator though.

Yes, máy = machine.

Máy bay = airplane (flying machine).

However, a car is not máy. It takes the xe (vehicle) classifier instead.


What about the classifier cái which is used before máy?


Cái = object, thing, mostly for non-living things.

Here you can say một máy tính nhanh or cái máy tính nhanh. Both một and cái are here for emphasis.


Crazy, so we need cai as a classifier for the classifier may?

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