"I love myself!"

Translation:Kocham siebie!

May 18, 2016

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It accepts kocham się and kocham siebie - is there a difference?


It shouldn't accept both! In Polish are two types of verbs with się.

First can have two meaning (with and without) and second have only one meaning.

Verb kochać is in first category:

  • Kocham siebie - I love myself.
  • Kocham siebie/się za - I love myself for... (Yes, there can be siebie or się but there must be preposition too, and in this excercise we don't have any)
  • Kocham się - I'm making love.
  • Kocham się z Kasią. - I'm making love with Kasia.
  • Kocham się w Kasi. - I have a crush on Kasia // Kocham Kasię - I love Kasia.
  • Kochamy się - We love each other. or We are making love (By default it is first. There are plenty occasions to say first sentence, second is probably for people with voyeurism fetish.)

Other examples:

  • spotkałem się (z kimś) - I met with...
  • spotkałem siebie - I met myself (after a long time) it's more poetic, but it's a real sentence

  • nazywam się - I am called / (My name is)

  • nazywam siebie - I call myself

Verb can be used with a direct object:

Zamykam drzwi. I am closing the door.

Kończę lekcję. I am ending the lesson.

or without direct object:

Drzwi się zamykają. The door is closing.

Lekcja się kończy. The lesson is ending.

When I was a little and went to my parents and said "Chłopaki się biją" (as "My brothers are fighting with me") my mother always said "Jak się biją to ciebie nie boli" ("It does not hurt you if they are fighting with each other"). :D Because Chłopaki się biją means "They fighting with each other" too.

Myjemy się can means "we are washing" or "we are washing each other".


"Kocham się w Kasi" is rather "I have a crush on Kasia", I'd say :)


I agree, I corrected it :)


I wouldn't say "Kocham się".


No, not really two forms are well


Kocham się = I'm making love.

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