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  5. "Dylwn i roi'r gorau i smygu."

"Dylwn i roi'r gorau i smygu."

Translation:I should give up smoking.

May 18, 2016



I don’t quite get the structure of this sentence.


rhoi'r gorau i is a common idiom for 'giving up, to give up'.


Doesn’t it literally mean ‘give the best’?


rhoi'r gorau i... - literally '*giving the best to...', but correctly translated as 'giving up..., to give up...'


Exactly, but idioms are usually not literal (though one might argue that stopping smoking is "giving the best")


I have always thought that the equivalent English phrase (giving best to) meant conceding defeat i.e. giving in to/ accepting ( smoking in this case) which, if I have got things right, is the opposite of what the Welsh phrase means - or have I got it completely wrong? And why/how? All comments welcome!


You're right in your understanding of the English phrase. As for why the English and Welsh phrases appear to be literally the same but have opposite meanings, who knows? I think we just have to accept both as idioms to learn rather than understand!


Exactly - I just came in to say much the same. It's a strange paradox...

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