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Basics 2 decay is back


little something for the incubator team: - this estimated date of completion:


January 23, 2014



Hi dnovinc, I don't think this is the previous bug. It looks like "normal" decay to me since many of these words you haven't practiced in 2+ months, and even though you always get them right you've only practiced them (on Duolingo) 3-4 times.

A quick timed skill practice should clear them up for another several months, assuming you don't make many mistakes.


Hi tatou, thank you for your response. Quick timed skill practice did the trick.

Btw I find this strange since I thought these "low level" words would be part of many sentences further down the skill tree and they wouldn't dacay at all since I practice every day. The other reason why I thought their word strenght isn't being updated is this same old visual bug:

whole page screenshot (that is why the toolbar is messed up) : http://i.imgur.com/gnieJ6F.jpg

  • loading circle down below is constantly running
  • 11 out of 18 words shown
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