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  5. "I have at least ten books."

"I have at least ten books."

Translation:Tôi có ít nhất là mười quyển sách.

May 18, 2016



I naturally omitted the "là" lol! I actaully didn't know you could add "là" in a sentence like this.


"Là" is not important, you can use it or not, it doesnt matter. We dont usually use it when speaking. (I'm Vietnamese, my English may have sth wrong)


Me either! I'm kind of surprised I never knew this.. I don't remember seeing it, or maybe I've always overlooked it and never thought twice about it. Any native speakers out there willing to explain..?


Ít nhất = at least

nhiền nhất = at most?


Yes, but it's nhiều nhất, not nhiền nhất.


What is the technical reason to include "la"? I don't mind making forced mistakes but would appreciate at some time an explanation for something not obvious.

Even Google questionable, saying word means "was".


Why is the classifier quyen needed? We already know the amount is at least ten. We're not saying "the books".

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