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Second Serbian exercise: Serbian lessons 5-10

Try to do next tasks, to see did you learn lessons from 5 to 10...

If you know it enough well, you should go to lesson 11, but if you don't, you should practice previous lessons a bit more.

Take a piece of paper and a pen. Let's start! Good luck! :)

1) Translate the next sentences: I am happy! He's in love. Они су разочарани.

2) a) Translate the next sentences: Pizza is tasty. It is salt. b) Translate the next words: храна (f.), to eat

3) How many genders are there in Serbian language? a) 0 b) 3 c) 2

4) a) Translate the next sentences: It’s a horse. I am a cat. b) Translate the next words: animal, птица (f.), horse, пас (m.) (There are no articles in Serbian language)

5) Translate the next words: ићи, учити, to sleep, to cook, почети

Share your results with me, in comments!

If you want to support me, you can do it by giving me a lingot. Thanks! :)

Read the eleventh lesson here: (coming soon)

Tenth Serbian lesson: Verbs 1

Ninth Serbian lesson: Animals 1

Eighth Serbian lesson: Genders (things that nobody likes...)

Seventh Serbian lesson: Food (Not finished)

Sixth Serbian lesson: Feelings and Emotions

Table of contents: Serbian lessons

May 18, 2016



You should contribute to a Serbian course on Duolingo. You seem quite advanced.


Serbian is my mother tongue. I did, but they still didn't do that things that they have to do before I start contributing to a course. :)


Thanks for the table of contents, I will add it to the list of languages out of the incubator and post it almost every week on the forum :D


You're welcome! Thank you very much! :D

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