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"Dw i'n mynd i'r traeth dydd Sul."

Translation:I am going to the beach Sunday.

May 18, 2016



"I am going to the beach Sunday" is missing the word "on". Sounds clunky and unnatural this way.

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This does accept 'on Sunday' and similar sentences accept 'on a particular day'.

The problem with that expression in Welsh is that it means we have to introduce the concept of consonant softening if we want to use it. Which we want to bring in later once users have add some experience of the basic vocabulary and grammar.


Hmm I could have sworn I was marked incorrect on this one for putting "on". I've definitely had that a bit recently.


cut us a bit of slack if we do't capitalize- when nothing else is wrong- its difficult enough as it is


Would you say 'ddydd Sul'?


In 'good Welsh', yes, and that will also appear as a prompt for this sentence.

A lot of beginners are not taught the ddydd... to begin with, so we have to include dydd Sul here as well.

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