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  5. "Nine times four"

"Nine times four"

Translation:Naw lluosi pedwar

May 18, 2016



weird to have this cropping up at random in the dialects section when all the other questions are about boys, girls and women


It may not be the case here, but... If Duo's underlying software engine works in the same way as some other interval learning software, it will offer you phrases from earlier learning from time to time in the middle of other work. If you have forgotten it, then a review of that earlier learning will get scheduled for reinforcement.

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That may be a glitch in your app or browser, I've just been through the whole section without seeing this.

In the editor it is only in the numbers section.


It has just turned up in the Arts skill


Yes - Duo will often pop in a question from an earlier section to help you to check that you have retained the earlier learning. It is an integral part of this style of learning - see my comment above.


I submitted 'naw gan pedwar'. I understand that this isn't strictly correct, but I hear it used a lot - I think it's roughly similar to 'nine by four'.

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