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  5. "I am among you."

"I am among you."

Translation:Je suis parmi vous.

January 26, 2013



That's creepy, Duo


Are there some usage guidelines for why "parmi" is better than "entre" in this context?


"parmi" is for when something is within a group of things, "entre" is between two things.


Entre has been used on Duo for "among women." That's a group, so why is that entre? Is it just a Duo inconsistency?

  • "Je suis entre vous" = "I am between you" (physically between two people).

  • "Je suis parmi vous" = "I am among you" (physically among several people, always more than two).

I can't think of any physical situation in which we would use among in English but entre in French. But when talking about abstract things, this might happen, so what you have seen on Duo is probably similar to:

  • "Le secret entre les femmes" = "The secret between/among the women" (figuratively between two/several people).

N.B. I'm not a native speaker in either language.


But you sure can type both languages like an expert native. :D


Just an FYI to everyone, English does the same thing and gives away the answer. Between is for 2 things, Among is for more than 2 (although I grant this is not always used correctly in English).


Merci Beaucoup. Good analogy. Makes it clear. Thanks again.


Thank goodness someone said it! I thought I was losing my marbles.


so "entre" would be all right if there were only two other persons?


Yes, I meant exactly this ... and was rejected. :-( Reported.


Merci Beaucoup!


"Entre is used when there is question of two: between his hands, between his arms, between him and me.

"Parmi is used with a collection of objects and always demands after it a plural noun or a collective noun: among men, in the world ...

"Parmi always requires a plural or collective nouns.

"There are cases where one can use either entre or parmi when the complement is a plural.."



I think je suis entre vous is also ok. why not? we don't know how many people are there


Two would be implied.


would je suis parmi toi be correct as well??


That would be a very odd thing to say though, as toi denotes the 2nd person singular. It's hard to be among a single thing :)


je suis parmi tu, why is not correct? tu and vous are for you


"tu" is singular and "vous" is plural. Besides: "among" needs plural objects, see Kazzahdrane.


Interesting, I always thought that vous was just a more formal way of saying you. I never knew is was the plural version.


It's both, really. Use "vous" for either a group of people OR for a single person of a higher stature that yourself.


Further to what siebolt said, even if it made sense to use a singular pronoun, it would be "toi" not "tu".


┬źnous sommes entre hommes/femmes┬╗ is in a a very early lesson explained as more or less like an idiomatic expression.


Your alien overlord!


Why can't I say "Je suis entre vous"


Because this is Duolingo and they say so.


Indeed! The Tips and Hints section specifically says, "if the larger group is uniform in some specific way, entre can also mean 'among'," and yet Duolingo will not accept "entre" in this instance. That aside, "parmi" would be the more usual translation for "among" (but it should still accept "entre" or else revise its explanation).


If you interpret that explanation as "the larger group" meaning "the whole group including the thing that is discussed", then it makes perfectly sense. Otherwise I would say it is wrong. So for example:

  • "Nous sommes entre femmes" = "We are among women" if all of us present here are women, no men around. --> The whole group is uniform.
  • "Nous sommes entre des femmes" = "We are between women" if we are for example men but there are two women, one on each side of us. --> Only the surrounding group is uniform.

Source: intuition


The Holy Spirit says


Why isn't "Je suit parmi toi" accepted? Is it wrong?


Dans nos villes, dans nos campagnes ! +1 if you have the reference from french politics

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