"Lipiec to miesiąc lata."

Translation:July is a month of summer.

May 19, 2016

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What case is 'lato' using here?


Miesiąc kogo/czego? A month of whom/what? Biernik = Genitive.

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I think a more natural translation is "July is a summer month".


It works, but it's too grammatically different to be the main answer. We can say the same in Polish: "Lipiec to letni miesiąc". Although that doesn't seem that common to me as its English equivalent.


I guess I have to keep in mind that masculine words in the genitive case look the same as when they're in the accusative case.

Can I ask someone, what about neuter nouns in the genitive case? If I remember rightly they look the same in nominative as they do in accusative. Is 'lato' a neuter noun?


It is neuter. But Genitive of it is "lata", so it's different than the Accusative.

The singular Genitive of a neuter noun is the same as the Nominative plural, if I am not wrong.

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