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  5. "Anh ấy là người ăn chay."

"Anh ấy người ăn chay."

Translation:He is a vegetarian.

May 19, 2016



From Chinese 齋 ‘showing piety’, by extension ‘vegetarian’:

  • Mandarin: zhāi

  • Cantonese: jāai

  • Literary Hokkien: tsai


I wonder if Thai เจ [ʨeː] has the same origin...


So I'm kind of confused of the nguoi an part, I know chay mean vegetarian but why is the nguoi an part added? (Sorry I didn't use tones, I'm writing this on a school computer)


Người means 'person', ăn means 'to eat', and chay means 'vegetarian food', so người ăn chay is like a relative clause meaning 'a person eating vegetarian food', or in short: "a vegetarian".


Ah I see, thank you


nguoi means person. so they are saying he is a vegetarian person. if he just say an chay, it means he just eats vegetarian (in terms of this is his diet). I hope that helps


What would be the difference between vegetarian and vegan in Vietnamese? As a vegan I would like to ensure that there are no dairy products in my food.


I genuinely don't think we have a word for that. But the thing is, Vietnamese cuisine does not have much dairy. We do not eat cheese. Milk is usually obvious and in condensed milk form with coffee. When we an chay, usually everything I've eaten is veggies, fruits, and made of soy. If you want to be extra sure, you would have to explain veganism or ask if specific things are in the dish.


Couldn't you say "anh ay an chay"?


Toi la nguoi an chay. Toi khong an thit.


A vegetarian ... Mot người ăn chay. Why not? Thank you :-)


We should be grateful for vegetarians. Come the apocalypse we can eat them first. They will be tasty and tender having grazed only on the finest vegetables and also because they won't eat us :-)

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