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"I would like you to think about your case."

Translation:Eu gostaria que você pensasse no seu caso.

2 years ago


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Is the English truly past subjunctive? It reads as present subjunctive. Would this sentence be perfectly translatable using present subjunctive? (Eu gostaria que você pense no seu caso.)

As Davu said, the construction of "I would like it if you thought about your case" seems to correlate to the answer better.

1 year ago

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I thought that "pensasse" was past tense, so I put "pensar" because I don't understand how someone can want you (present tense) to do something in the past. Can someone please explain this?

2 years ago

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You may find it easier to accept the tense choice if you think of the sentence in this form: "I would like it if you thought about your case".

There is a better explanation here: http://tinyurl.com/gp5jrgn

2 years ago