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  5. "She eats the apple."

"She eats the apple."

Translation:Cô ấy ăn táo.

May 19, 2016



Trái bơm should have been accepted.

My family always referred to apple as bơm. Lol.


That is helpful. I heard there is French influence in some (many?) words. "Bơm" reminds me of "pomme", "apple" in French.


I think Cô ấy ăn trái táo should be acceptable


I know what it means but don"t know how to write it


Why do I not use "la" here?


I am not understanding what ấy means in the sentences.


Oh She : cô ấy He: anh ấy Are you understand?


I wrote "Cô ấy ăn cái táo." and it marked wrong, with "Cô ấy ăn trái táo" being the correct anwer. I have never seen "trái" until now. What is the difference?


The classifier isn't needed here, so you can skip it (I think this is more like "she eats (some) apple". There are a whole load of classifiers you (and I!) haven't come across yet. I'm given to understand it's one of the more difficult things about learning VN.


trái táo in this case directly translates to fruit apple.


"Trái" (south of Vietnam) and "quả" (north of Vietnam) are all classifer for fruits (and for a few sphere-like objects). "Cái" is a classifer for general objects or things. Vietnamese has an awful lot of other classifiers for certain things as well. Below are some examples:

  • An orange: 1 trái/quả cam.
  • A mango: 1 trái/quả xoài.
  • A bomb (sphere-like object): 1 trái/quả bom.
  • A mountain (sphere-like object): 1 quả núi (never heard anyone says "trái" for "núi").
  • A fan: 1 cái quạt
  • A slap (in the face): 1 cái tát (vô mặt).


I need the proper keyboard. Where to find?


Hóng Duolingo cho học ngôn ngữ Teencode =))) người nước ngoài học tiếng Việt mà k biết Teencode thì chết dở, chế dở =))

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