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  5. "I want to play golf."

"I want to play golf."

Translation:Dw i eisiau chwarae golff.

May 19, 2016



You're right of course - I must have misremembered and the 'i' would indeed have been the first person singular! Sorry and many thanks for the very useful examples.


I added the word 'i' after 'chwarae' as I seem to remember that to play cricket was 'chwarae i griced'. Does it vary according to the sport?


You may have mixed something up... The i you are wondering about is probably the pronoun i = I

  • chwarae - playing, to play
  • chwarae criced - playing cricket

  • Chwaraea i - I will play. Note the -a at the end of chwaraea, which is a shortening of the more formal ending -af as in chwaraeaf

  • Chwaraea i golff/denis/bêl-droed - I will play golf/tennis/football

  • Chwaraeais i golff.... - I played golf....
  • Gwnes i chwarae golff... - I played golf...
  • Ro'n i eisiau chwarae golff/tenis/pêl-droed - I wanted to play...

  • Es i i chwarae golff - I went to play golf (pronoun i, followed by preposition i !)


So....'golff' resists mutation?


Yes, several words resist soft mutation like gêm, garej, giât, etc, nearly all pronouns and prepositions, and various other exceptions.

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