"Ça ne va pas !"

Translation:This is not working!

January 26, 2013

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My answer was "It's not going well", could that work?


My francophone adviser assures me that you and I are both correct. If someone says "Ca va?" to you and you reply "Ca ne va pas" you are NOT talking about whether something is working or not. You are saying the opposite of "Ca va". In both cases the "bien" is assumed but not said.


Ugh. Missed by saying "not good." This is a tough one to translate to English, but virtually all the time I would say "not good" or "not well" and not use a subject. Ah well.


What is wrong with 'That does not go.' Which I thought is the true translation i.e. va = go. That phrase is used quite often in english conversation.


Because "ca ne va pas" is pretty much the same as "ce n'est pas bien" which means this is not good. French people use va to say how things are "going" at the moment. "Ca va?" is how is it going?


can this sentence also be used to say this is not possible?


Kind of but not really. In the context where people are looking for a solution and someone said we could try this, you could said "ca ne va pas" (meaning that doesn't work) which may be interpreted as "ca ne va pas marcher" this/that will not work.


How would one say "It will not"?


could this not also mean "it is not going well/things are not going well" or do you have to clarify that by adding "bien" to the end?


How about "this will not be", as in "won't happen"?

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