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"Dych chi wedi mynd i'r theatr?"

Translation:Have you gone to the theatre?

May 19, 2016



'Mynd' is to go how can it translate as 'been'?

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Apologies, the most correct answer was supposed to be 'have you gone to the theatre' with the 'have you been' as an acceptable alternative. That's fixed now.

Thanks for the comment.


It's not fixed. Although I wouldn't have read MrGWallcymraeg's explanation which is extremely helpful, without being faulted.


It should say gone; but in terms of meaning "Have you been to the theatre" pretty much means the same as "Have you gone to the theatre" anyway.


wedi mynd = gone wedi bod = been

Have you gone to the theatre? Dych chi wedi mynd i'r theatr? Have you been to the theatre? Dych chi wedi bod i'r theatr?

In terms of what both sentences mean, they mean roughly the same thing, but linguistically speaking, they are different and therefore will have different English translations.


in english you'r more likely to ask "Did you go to..." than "Have you gone to ...". but when i tried " Did you go to tge theatre" it was marked incorrect.

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