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  5. "I do not want to write!"

"I do not want to write!"

Translation:Я не хочу писати!

May 19, 2016



Is it acceptable to drop the pronoun in Ukrainian (as in Spanish)? For example, Google Translate renders this sentence as "Не хочу писати."


That's why I learn on Duolingo :) Typing rules!


When do you translate to? I"ve seen some sentences, like 'he wants to play the banjo', where 'to play' is two words, and to is translated. Most of the time, though, it seems implied, and it isn't translated. How do you know the difference?


In English, the infinitive form of a verb is two words ("to" + action word), but that's a peculiarity of English. The infinitive in Ukrainian (and Spanish, French, and German) is a single word.

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